The company approaches foundation jobs with the utmost in service and expertise. First, Colorado Structural prepares a repair plan, taking into account many factors like the soil types on the work site, the damage sustained to the home or building, and the weight being supported by existing foundation elements.   Next, the location, size, and number of helical piles will be calculated for the repair.  The piles and support brackets must be spaced at appropriate intervals in order to support the weight load of the home and the soil conditions on site.

Once the helical piles are inserted using a high-torque drive head, they are connected to steel support brackets notched into the base of the foundation wall.  The building’s weight is then transferred to the helical pile support system with a method of hydraulic jacking and adjustments to the support brackets.  The excavated areas around the foundation are carefully backfilled, and the job is complete.  The end result is a foundation that is supported in a way that is vastly superior to other methods, eliminating the settling and shifting that can cause damage.